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Savings Programs

Savings Programs

Does your organization need to quickly impact the bottom line or free up existing budget for other value-added activity?

The pressures of a global economy and the continuous need to create stakeholder and shareholder value have created tremendous strains on businesses. With the emergence of global economic super-powers, such as India and China, not only will these pressures remain, but also intensify.

We have a history of delivering savings

QP Group has over a decade of successfully developing and executing savings programs with some of the leading strategic sourcing and procurement organizations in key business sectors. This has resulted in delivering over $6 billion in client savings. With our wealth of experience and world-class techniques we can help you achieve accelerated results by

Analyze the category opportunities with you

Co-lead category initiatives with your sourcing professional

Manage categories for you

Facilitate your sourcing professionals through category management cycles

We work closely with our clients and use our world-class Sourcing Management Process (SMP) that not only delivers the value, but also creates mutual benefit with the supply base

Pay us as we deliver on our promise

If you are currently feeling the pressures of limited budget, or your organization is skeptical about introducing consultants to the business, let us share the savings risk with you through our delayed compensation program. We are so confident in our ability to deliver what we promise; we won’t accept full compensation until we meet the targets on which we agree.

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